Master of Yo-Yo


Master of Yo-Yo is a project dedicated to expanding the art of yo-yo play.

Become a Master of Yo-Yo by learning 150 tricks across five levels of yo-yo play.

Long spin 1A,  Looping 2A,  Double Long spin 3A, Off String 4A and Counter Weight 5A.

Each of the styles of play has 30 tricks at 3 levels of difficulty: Apprentice, Expert and Master. There are 10 tricks at each level.

You can become a master of Yo-Yo at anyone of the five styles of play, by demonstrating competence in all levels of that style of play.  Or become an Ultimate Master of Yo-Yo by mastering all of the tricks of all five styles.

The list of tricks has been compiled with the help of Yo-yo Pros  Masters, Grand masters, world champions and enthusiasts.

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